French Breakfast Radish Seeds

Radishes are very easy to grow, even special radishes like the French breakfast radishes. You can plant them in the garden or in containers: either way you will have fresh, home grown radishes in four weeks! You can plant them anytime before December or you can wait until next spring. Radishes do not need rich soil, so save the plant food and soil enrichers for your tomatoes and dahlias.

Planting Seeds in the Garden

Using a garden trowel, dig up an area in a sunny spot in your garden about one foot square. Turn over the soil about six inches deep so your trowel sinks into the ground easily. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the area and use your fingers to press them into the soil. Sprinkle a little more soil on top and water the seeds. 

Planting Seeds in Containers

Use any container that has drainage holes and is six to ten inches deep. Fill to container with any garden soil, container soil or peat moss. You can use potting mix with plant food, but it's not necessary. Sprinkle about 20-30 seeds on top of the soil and press them in. Sprinkle a little more soil on top and water them gently. 

The seedlings will need to be kept moist, so water them gently every other day (unless it rains). Seedlings should come up in about five days, and the radishes should be ready to eat in 21 - 25 days after they sprout. They are delicious sliced thinly, sprinkled with lemon juice, and served salted on slices of buttered French bread.