Purple Dome Aster

This is a beautiful plant that has no flaws. It forms a 20 inch high mound with majestic purple flowers. (it's the dark purple flower in the picture). During most of the summer, it is a short, green plant with fine leaves that politely fills in blank spots around it. It doesn't need to be pinched or cut back (although you can if you have nothing better to do). Around the beginning of September, a few flowers begin to open up, and by the end of the month it is covered with so many purple flowers it looks you spray painted the entire plant purple. The show continues well in to October and you may even get a few lingering past Halloween. It's healthy and vigorous, but it won't disturb other plants. Plant these near peonies, roses, iris, and other early summer divas. They grow quite quickly and can be divided every year (but you don't ever have to divide them if you don't want to.)