In early October, we had an informal garden tour. Three of our members gave tours, allowing us all to see the private spaces and inner workings of their gardens.

Our annual Bi-meeting and Small Standard Flower Show that we hosted with Riverside Garden Club was a great success. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, and thanks to our guests for joining us!

Our Gardens

Okay, I can't be the only one who wants to show off her garden. I think we should try to have a nice assortment of flower gardens, individual plants, nice landscape features, veggie gardens, lovely containers, before and afters, and house plants. We should make sure that everything isn't over the top, otherwise we will scare people off.

These are from my garden!

Gateway Garden

At the corner of Sound Beach Avenue and Post Road, there is sign welcoming you to Old Greenwich in the Gateway Garden. The GCOG has been planting and maintaining this garden at this very busy intersection. Gardening their is not easy, but we feel it is important to our community, and we always appreciate people waving as they see us working there!

Periodically, we like to share information about some of our favorite plants. Most of these will be available at our annual Plant Sale.  All of our favorites that we posted about can be seen here.

Thank you for making our 2016 Plant Sale a success!

We will see you next year!

Window Boxes in Town - Nature Provided the Watering

On Saturday (April 2, 2016), we planted a profusion of purple pansies in the planters in town. We had rain delays before, and we decided that we couldn't delay any more. In case you don't remember, it rained steadily all Saturday morning. The GCOG never gives up and the cold rain was good for the plants! 

Click here to see what else we've been up to.

FGCC Awards


GCOG Received three awards from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut. We received the Conservation Award for the Greenwich Point Butterfly Garden  and our members work with the Old Greenwich Improvement Committee which beautifies Old Greenwich with plantings. 

Along with  Riverside Garden Club and Knollwood Club, we received the FGCC's Certificate of Achievement for their 2014 Small Standard Flower Show, "Space Odyssey”.

Beth Eaton-Koch, received for the Garden Therapy Committee, the Club Certificate of Achievement for their work with Pathways and Hill House. The citation read, “These ladies realize that the residents who are dealing with mental health issues need a regular program format while creating their seasonal themes. They also have conducted garden therapy program at Hill House for over 10 years; the elderly women, many of whom are former neighbors and friends, are offered multiple choices (e.g. wreaths, floral sprays or center pieces) to adapt to the changing group of participating women. Singing is included in all of there activities at both facilities to remind the residents of their family events"


GCOG 90th Anniversary

We are celebrating 90 years of gardening joy and service to our community.

Bi-Club Meeting

On Wednesday October 8, we had a joint meeting and Small Flower Show with Riverside Garden Club. We have posted pictures of the twelve floral designs on our Floral Design page.

Celebrate Greenwich's 375th and Grow French Breakfast Radishes from Seed

If you were at the 375th Anniversary Gala Parade on Sunday, September 27, you probably saw us there. We gave out packet of French Breakfast Radish seeds. These are very easy to grow in the garden or in a container, and you can have radishes in four weeks! 

Click here to find out how to plant and grow your own radish seeds!

French Breakfast Radish Seeds

Radishes are very easy to grow, even special radishes like the French breakfast radishes. You can plant them in the garden or in containers: either way you will have fresh, home grown radishes in four weeks! You can plant them anytime before December or you can wait until next spring. Radishes do not need rich soil, so save the plant food and soil enrichers for your tomatoes and dahlias.

Planting Seeds in the Garden

Using a garden trowel, dig up an area in a sunny spot in your garden about one foot square. Turn over the soil about six inches deep so your trowel sinks into the ground easily. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the area and use your fingers to press them into the soil. Sprinkle a little more soil on top and water the seeds. 

Planting Seeds in Containers

Use any container that has drainage holes and is six to ten inches deep. Fill to container with any garden soil, container soil or peat moss. You can use potting mix with plant food, but it's not necessary. Sprinkle about 20-30 seeds on top of the soil and press them in. Sprinkle a little more soil on top and water them gently. 

The seedlings will need to be kept moist, so water them gently every other day (unless it rains). Seedlings should come up in about five days, and the radishes should be ready to eat in 21 - 25 days after they sprout. They are delicious sliced thinly, sprinkled with lemon juice, and served salted on slices of buttered French bread. 

September Meeting  

We had our September Meeting last Friday, September 11. Dana Evans and Lesley King talked about the Old Greenwich Farmer's Market. Lesley talked about her farm and selling its bounty at the OG Farmer's Market. It was a great talk about one of our favorite things about Old Greenwich.

Despite the stormy weather the day before the meeting, we still had lots of beautiful Horticulture to display. Check out the beautiful small designs (in tea cups!) from the meeting posted on our Floral Design page.

GCOG at OG Farmer's Market 

Several of our members represent our club at the Old Greenwich Farmer's Market. We give out garden and environment information, demonstrate garden and floral design skills, and meet with people who want to know more about us or to join us.

We will post notice on our Welcome page the next time we are going to be there.