November 2015 - Sitting Pretty

A Still Life Design (HFFS: p. 209) in a 24" square space on a navy blue cloth in front of a black backboard (24" wide x 36" high) provided by the committee. Designer's choose of plant material.

Annual Bi-Club Meeting and Flower Show with Riverside Garden Club

The theme for this year's designs was Frida Kahlo. There were three classes of design, Stretch Design, Creative Line Mass Design, and Topiary Design. The light wasn't great, but we have a picture of each of  the twelve floral designs.


September 2015 - Cuppa Tea

"Cuppa Tea" is the theme for a Small Design (Handbook for Flower Shows: p. 208) staged in a small niche. The design had to be smaller that eight inches in all directions.

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